Luxurious Thai Massage Studio Belfast

At Thai Massage Belfast we offer a world of relaxing blissful tranquillity. Using our state of the art massage equipment is on show with no expense spared.

Our studio is specially designed to make you feel like you are laying in the heart of Thailand. (Our studios provide a personable, friendly and comfortable environment where our clients can enjoy a selection of top class treatments) View our Thai Massage Prices

Specialist Thai Massage Practitioners

We have decades of experience in Thai massage treatments and we bring the ancient wisdom and knowledge of Thailand to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Thai Massage Belfast only use skilled therapists with professional training from the top schools in our native land. Most of our staff have been practising these Thai massage techniques for most of their adult lives, so when it comes to the highest quality treatment , you won’t find better.

(Our staff maintain exactly the right pressure for our clients throughout your session, intuitively sensing where your body requires attention, whilst maintaining the full structure of a perfect Thai massage. )

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